She Went From $2k A Month To $20k A Month…

By Adam McKenzie | Fitness Business Tips

Feb 18

Today I have the privilege of announcing the opportunity for you to apply to..

Win this years 12-month coaching scholarship valued at $30k.

Above I have also shared with you a a video to check out which is from last year's winner, where she shares with you how she has gone from earning $2K a month

To now earning $20 k a month and looking at moving into her own facility in the next couple of months!

So...I guess you're wondering what you have to do to to in order to qualify for this years scholarship?

I want you to realise that with this scholarship you get absolutely everything from me...

1. Unlimited access to me via email, skype and FB

2. Two calls per month and more if ever needed

3. Access to all of my products worth over $2k

4. All of my templates, swipes and emails to help you with everything.

5.The best rates to all of my events worth over $2k

6. Invite to my elite FB group valued at another $1164

7. Access to our end of year 5 day invite only mastermind retreat

8. You get me in your corner...I am a hands on coach and I will be just as committed to your success as I expect from you.

If you have been following me for a while you know that I do this each year because I can only imagine what it would have done for me when I was struggling and I needed some real help.

To qualify this year is very straight forward but it will also instantly show me who is committed and who isn't...

1st: You need to join our FREE FB group here:

2nd: You need to watch my FREE presentation here:

3rd: You need to comment below the pinned post in the FREE FB group about what your biggest takeaways were from the webinar

4th: You need to book a FREE call with me which you can find a link to on the FREE presentation page.

(I will still provide you with massive value on this call)

5th: You need to post a video inside our FREE FB group, telling us:

Who you are

What your business looks like now

What your biggest challenge is currently

What is the vision for your business

What do you want our help with

What would it mean to you & your life to win the scholarship

Now if that seems like too much work for some of you then...

Selecting the winner this year will be a lot easier!

If you click on the following link you will see a video from Consuella who was last years winner

If you have any questions, please reply to this email or post them in our Fb group

Good luck to you all...

The last 2 winners have achieved incredible success and I have absolutely loved being able to help them over the 12 months...

And to have a great friendship with them both!

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