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As a company we are dedicated to changing the lives of Fitness Professionals by showing them exactly how to create a highly profitable business model that will continue to grow long term, while providing them with the lifestyle they desire.

We have created a series of events that are game changers in the Fitness Industry.  Even if you only attended our Profit Accelerator and Profit Maximiser Workshops, you will walk away with a complete 7 figure blueprint for your Fitness Business.

Our events are transformational, which means you will do the work during the events to gain the benefits as soon as you get back to your businesses. We have also connected our events to an incredible suite of products that will break down all of the “how to’s” for you to implement them and
re-create them to benefit your specific business.   You will never feel confused or unsure when it comes to building exactly what you want.  

Our coaching program has been designed by trainers and long time fitness experts to deliver a level of service, support, inspiration and accountability that is 100% guaranteed to take you and your business to extraordinary heights of success.

We are all hands on and we are all constantly investing in our client's success, through all of the struggles, challenges and triumphs along the way. If you ever wanted a mentor or a coach to guide you through all of the steps to creating your own success story, then you need to contact us now as we are here and ready to lead the way with you!


Adam McKenzie

Adam has been a fitness professional for over 17 years and has done everything from teaching step aerobics and spin, to owning multiple fitness businesses and being head hunted by the biggest players in our industry for years.

After running a fitness business that included 2 outdoor venues and a working out of a studio, Adam soon realised that in order to create more income and meet his own expectations of success he needed to open his own location.

After making every mistake in the book and losing close to $20k a month for the first year of business, Adam soon started to put together and craft, the systems and marketing strategies that have transformed fitness businesses around the world.His studio went from losing money every month to being in profit of between $30-$30k a month, he stopped taking sessions, travelled 5 months out of the year and even managed to move his family to Phuket Thailand all while his business kept growing.

Adam opened up a second location which was the biggest indoor bootcamp facility in Australia, where average session size was around 60 people. This got the attention of a lot of other fitness professionals and soon Adam was being asked to help and coach other business owners all around the world.

After launching and selling thousands of products to FitPros Adam decided that it was time to really step up and start to make sure more of what he was sharing was actually being implemented.

Sure people were buying the programs and to this day, Adam has never once had a refund request…but how do we get more people to do what they were learning.Adam soon decided that he was going to create a series of events and a coaching program that would not only guide and educate fitness business owners on how to create a highly profitable business model, but they would actually do the implementation at the events.

By guaranteeing the work and steps were being done during the events, he is able to help more FitPros achieve their desired level of success in only a matter of days!! No more procrastination or excuses!Combined with the life changing coaching program, the success for those who commit is now only going to be a matter of when not how

Hello, my name is Tracey Rodriguez from Glendale Arizona. I have been in the fitness industry since 2004 so 11 years as of now. I decided to get into this amazing industry in a very interesting way. In 2002 I was being interviewed for Robert Kiyosaki’s book the "Rich Dad Success Stories"; I am the 2nd story in the book.

Through this experience I was encouraged to start up a business that combined my passion as well as a business that I could create systems to have others run for me eventually. Here was my thoughts on how I came up with this: In the past I struggled with my own health and weight and I also have a gift for motivating others, so it felt like the fitness industry was a perfect fit for me.

I opened my first 1200sf facility in 2004 that was similar to the SUPER popular Ladies only Curves at the time. I decided to do this all on my own, never being a business owner of this size or in this industry and I also decided to get an investor to help me since I had NO money. HUGE MISTAKE on both ends.

Before we ever opened our doors I was already $24000 in the hole and that did not even include our equipment yet. Once I did open, I ended up growing to 350 members in my first 3 month so I decided to open a 2nd location since I was doing so well, 2nd HUGE mistake. It took me over a year to get to 100 members in the new place and this 2nd facility ate up all the profit from the first.

I pretty much had to live there since I did not have the income to employ both locations and we ended up going over $100,000 in debt, cars repossessed, losing house and almost losing my marriage.

The best thing that came out of the 2nd location is I started doing boot camps at the college across the street to bring in extra money and I quickly learned that I could charge way more and work way less with this model.

In 2007 I sold the first facility for what we owed and I shut down the 2nd location because I could not sell it. I started doing boot camps with huge success in parks all across Arizona. At the height of my business I had 9 trainers working for me and had 14 locations. I was able to pay off most of my debt and finally felt like I had found the answer.

That is until GROUPON AND LIVING SOCIAL came into the picture in 2010. I, like everyone else, jumped in with 2 feet and all of a sudden in a few short months the value of my business went from everyone paying $200 per month to everyone not wanting to pay more than $39 per month. I had customers going from deal to deal to deal and I was sliding down a hole real fast.

I ended up going down to 2 trainers and 3 locations by 2013 and making very little money over the next few years. I was literally a month away from going under.

I was searching for ways to stay alive and during my search I stumbled on a deal for a Fitness Business coach. I could NOT afford the price, it was literally everything I had in my account but I figured if I just do the 1 month, they can help me and I can start to make money again and keep my business alive.

I really felt I could not afford NOT to do it. So that is how I met Adam.

That was the BEST decision I have ever made. After my first month, I had to keep going. The changes and direction he was taking me was everything I had ever wanted but I did not know how to do on my own.

Because I decided to do everything he said it completely changed my business and my life around. I ended up opening up my DREAM facility IRON Girlz in Oct of 2014, a 6200sf ladies only facility that we opened DEBT FREE and I still am as of today.

We opened with 6 clients and less than $1000 income per month and in 14 short months he has taken my business to about 150 clients and over a 6 figure income. Keep in mind I never made more the $35000 EVER in 10 years on my own and did I mention DEBT FREE?

So HUGE! As a coach, I have gone through the fall and the rise of this industry, I know I can help others achieve everything and more that I already have. So many coaching programs that are out there are not actually run by those that have walked the walk like I have. You do not have to go through the fall if you get help by those that have already been there.

My experience and motivation will be the link you need to get you to that next level and beyond. For me, being a coach is actually a dream come true. I know I have a gift inside me to inspire others and I have always known that at some point I would be speaking from a stage and helping many others through this to achieve their dreams and goals and to live a better quality of life like we are meant to live. Since I have done this myself, I will be able to guide through my own experience how to do it!   

I am so excited about what the FPD coaching program has to offer you. Number one and MOST important is we will help you find your vision of what you really want your business to look like and creating the steps to make it happen. Having access to all the templates and forms that we have created and used in our own business so you do not have to recreate the wheel is massive and a huge time saver for you. No trial and error needed, we already did it!! And finally teaching you how to set up your business with systems to leverage your time and create amazing freedom for yourself!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to see how my IRON Girlz will grow over the next few years. It is so awesome to be able to create a massive business but create an amazing life at the same time for me and my family. I am pumped to be able to do the same for everyone in our coaching program. Dreams do come true in this industry; you just have to have the path laid out for you to walk down to get it!! That is what this program will do for you!

Tracey Rodriguez

Adam Prowse

Hi my name is Adam Prowse and I have been a trainer for about 10 years.

I chose to be in the fitness industry because I loved the gym and loved helping people. When I first started working in the industry I did everything from admin to PT to programs to cleaning and sales.

It was a big commercial gym in Maitland and I started to build a client base very quickly and realized that I was good at sales and loved PT. A couple of years later I realized that if I couldn’t make the income I wanted out of being a trainer to have a family and the life I wanted even though I loved it I would have to start looking at other careers, it was about this time I started contracting to the gym and hired a coach who helped me heaps especially with marketing I listened to a lot of fitness business programs and started to really grow my client base but realized there is only so much you can do in a day.

This is when I started to hire trainers to work for me inside the big commercial gym. I hired 16 trainers in 18 months before I realized that having a business inside another business isn’t good. You don’t really have any control and you can’t do things the way you really want to. This was around the same time I started coaching with Adam and decided for me to be able to do things the way I want and for me to be able to bring the best value to my clients I would have to open a studio.

This was pretty full on and it took a lot of work but I took my best team and opened a studio that specializes in PT and Bootcamp. After 3 months of being open we out grew our studio and needed to expand so we took over the building next to us and expanded the studio we didn’t really have the money for this at the time so with Adams help we did an upfront pack sale and sold 35k in 1 day which really helped set us up.

Over the next couple of years we kept growing, our team kept getting bigger but one thing always seemed to stay the same...Our profit was not getting any bigger! So much so, that when we started to generate 7 figures a year we were only clearing $7k in profit not counting any up fronts. Adam and I sat down and looked at all the key stats and figures and he left me with the toughest choice I ever had to make…I had to decrease the trainers wages, even those that had been with me for the last 3+ years.

This proved to be the biggest challenge of my career to date, we lost 3 trainers instantly, lost close to 100 clients, we had to fire another trainer for stealing money on the side…it was all going down!

The strange thing was even with the lost trainers and clients, with our new profit margins, we were no worse off than before…with half the income we were still making the same profit. This made me realize that it doesn’t matter how big a business is or how good it looks form the outside if it doesn’t make good profit then there’s no point! It also taught me that I needed to cut the cancerous people out of your business in order for it to thrive!

Over the next 6-8 months, we started to build a better team and culture…our clients were getting even better results and loving the new environment minus the egos. With Adams marketing help, we soon created some awesome lead funnels and by the end of that same year we were on track to make over $200k in profit off just over half the income we use to make.

Our business continues to grow on a daily basis and we are on track to hit 7 figures and more in the next 12 months and with our new profit margins…it is going to be a fun year!! I am excited for anyone doing the coaching program as you get access to a coach who is there for you and will be able to help you go to the next level... which is massive, if you have any problems you can email or call them and they will be there for you!

You also get access to heaps of tools that can help you achieve anything you want in your business…this is priceless and will help you become the best you can be. You also get access to live events where you get to learn heaps of practical strategies that you can implement straight away and to create more profit, plus you get to network with like minded individuals and mastermind ideas.

As a coach I now get the privilege f helping trainers get through any tough times, to guide them along their journeys to creating their own highly profitable business models. I get to support and help them bring their own success journeys to life.