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I wanted to share with you my recent experience with Adam's services. I took advantage of the free call he offers and it literally blew my mind. Adam not only gave me solutions for my business, but also for my mind pattern issues which stop me from producing better business and better life. Thank you, Adam McKenzie for under-promissing and over-delivering!

Asia Raykova Fitness Professional

THANK YOU Adam. I just did my Strategy call with Adam Mckenzie and BOOM. 7 pages of notes, Action Plans, Deadlines, Web Fixes, Facebook tweaks, Youtube corrections, Challenge Launch and more. And this was all part of the program, most actionable INFO ever and it was personalized, no cookie cutter, BS. What a VALUE packed call, You ROCK Adam, thank you.

Alan Condon Martial Arts Expert

Thank you Adam Mckenzie for coaching call this morning. Really appreciate your wealth of knowledge and amazing ability to connect the dots in each of our blue prints.

Keeping the dream alive. Thank you

Evis Heath Fitness Business Professional

I am the owner of a CrossFit gym and have been in business for a little over two years. One of my biggest issues has been retention and since I spoke to Adam and started using these systems, just a couple of months ago, I have implemented two of his strategies.1. The Member of The Month Contest.

2. Time blocking a couple of hours each week to contact and hold accountable any clients who haven't attended a session in the last weekMy biggest take away from Adam's programs is that I need to focus on keeping my clients, not just getting more. It's a lot cheaper to keep an old client than get a new one!

LJ Lewis Fitness Business Owner